Most theft crimes involve alleged offenders taking property or items of value for which they had no legal claim. But what happens when a person who is responsible for money or assets misappropriates that property for his or her own personal use?

Embezzlement (Utah Code 76-6-403) is a form of theft in which an alleged offender illegally uses the money, funds, or assets they had control over, but do not own.

While many people believe that this crime only involves those who are in charge of accounts with millions of dollars and tremendous assets, the fact is that there are several people in lower positions of power who may be charged with embezzling.

When businesses begin losing money or they face pressure on their bottom line, it’s smart to start looking at their employees to determine whether embezzlement is a problem. Unfortunately, too many honest, hardworking workers are accused of pilfering.

If you are under investigation for employee theft or are facing embezzlement charges, make sure you have a knowledgeable defense team protecting your rights. Even for a minor misdemeanor charge, a conviction will mean you face a lifetime of doubt by future employers checking your background.

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