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Outlaw Legal Services provides Utah’s best “Kick-Ass” Criminal Defense attorneys. We pride ourselves not just on our ability to be the best in the courtroom, but also outside the courtroom. Our communication and client care is what separates us from everyone else. We provide the very best information, communication, and resources to make sure that we take care of our clients from beginning to end. That is what a “Kick-Ass” defense is all about!


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about you!

Outlaw Legal Services masters the old school philosophy to any successful business, “Take care of your client and they will take care of you!”  With Outlaw Legal Services you will meet personally with our case analyst either in person or by telephone to discuss your case and how to design a legal team to defend the charges for which you have been accused. At Outlaw Legal Services we will effectively put together a criminal defense legal team to help resolve your charges to protect and fight for your rights.

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At Outlaw Legal Services, Customer Service is our number one priority!


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No one plans on getting charged with a crime. We make sure you can afford the representation you need!


Criminal Process

One of the most important things we can do for our clients is keep them informed. Click here to learn about the criminal process.

Outlaw Legal was amazing at making me feel comfortable and informed. I was able to go in the office or even call when I had questions. The office staff was incredibly inviting. They were upfront providing me with scenarios and expectations. I would recommend these guys if you really don’t know what your options are and need help.

Nicole Jensen

Perry Basharah is a great attorney. He was always on time. He always kept me informed. He did what he said he would do. Very knowledgeable and thorough.

Tyler Sorensen

Outlaw Legal has a great team that really goes the extra mile to help understand your rights and legal courses of action. Affordable payment options.

Alex Baca

These folks are absolutely spectacular! Their customer service, attention to detail and punctuality is unmatched by anyone else in the field. If you need help, and you want someone to trust, I can’t recommend Outlaw Legal enough!

Alec Langton

Kathy and her team are very Professional! I give them 5 Stars! I had a really complicated issue and I was at ease when I hired Outlaw Legal Team!! I highly recommend them for any criminal case you have! They will treat you RIGHT!!

Jill Divittorio

This company helped me so much when I needed it the most! They are always understanding and stand by you and fight for you! Highly recommended!!

Vince N Brittany Hights